We are inviting professional actors, theatre directors and scenographers to participate and fill in the application form.


The Young Theatre Days Festival, organised by Klaipėda Youth Theatre for the ninth time, announces an international selection of participants and gathers theatre professionals for an intensive creative week in the Lithuanian seaport of Klaipėda. Creative workshops of theatre professionals are at the heart of the Young Theatre Days Festival: over a limited time, creators from different fields – actors, directors, playwrights and set designers – hold mini-performances together, present their work to viewers in non-traditional spaces and build up creative contacts for further collaboration.


International Applications are Closed

workshop TERMS and FORMAT

The terms of selecting the participants:

•    Professional actors of all ages who have completed acting studies can participate in the workshops;

•    The workshops and the presentations of the created pieces will take place on 16-21st August 2021. In the selecting process the priority shall be given to those participants who will be able to participate in the programme for all 5 days;

•    Registration of the participants will take place till 15th June 2021. In the application they will be requested to briefly describe their professional activity, motivation to participate in the projects, and to indicate on which days they can participate in the events of the festival;

•    More information about the process of selecting the participants and the programme of the festival will soon be available on the website of “Young Theatre Days” and Facebook account


Theatre workshop format:

•    In 2021, the festival will consist of two different types of creative workshops – SPRINT and LONG programmes.

•    On 17 August, three SPRINT and three LONG teams will be randomly formed from the selected festival participants. Each team will consist of a director, a set designer, a playwright and 8 actors.

•    SPRINT programme teams will rotate every two days and will receive a new inspiration selected by the organisers for the creation of performances each time.

•    SPRINT programme performances will be viewed on Wednesday (18th) and Friday (20th) in public spaces of Klaipėda.

•    Creators participating in the LONG programme will analyse the same inspiration selected by the event organisers on all days of the festival. At the end of the week, on Saturday (21st), they will present three performances based on the inspiration at Klaipėda Culture Factory.

•    Performances of the Young Theatre Days Festival will traditionally be accompanied by discussions of creators, theatre critics and viewers, as well as analyses of creative works.

•    Festival participants are provided with accommodation in Klaipėda, meals 3 times a day and free participation in all events of the festival.

•    Participants from abroad are reimbursed for travel expenses to Lithuania up to EUR 250.


One of the performances created in SPRINT and LONG programmes will be selected for further development at Klaipėda Youth Theatre. In 2022, the organisation of the production will be aimed at involving as many creators as possible who worked on this performance during the festival. The created performance will be added to the repertoire of Klaipėda Youth Theatre.


The organisers of the Young Theatre Days Festival reserve the right to change the details of the event should the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on cultural activities in Lithuania so require.



Wednesday, 26th August 2020

INSPIRATION “The deadliest sins - lust"

Director - Greta Štiormer, 

Scenography - Viktorija Venskutė,

Playwright - Živilė Zablackaitė, 

Actors: Modesta Jakeliūnaitė, Gediminas Povilavičius, Laura Butkutė, Samanta Pinaitytė, Kristupas Biržietis, Karolina Kuzborska.


Wednesday, 26th August 2020

INSPIRATION #1  “The deadliest sins - pride"

Director - Uršulė Bartoševičiūtė, 

Scenography - Patricija Vytytė,

Playwright - Indrė Bručkutė, 

Actors: Milda Naudžiūnaitė, Iveta Raulynaitytė, Aistė Alksnytė, Justina Biekšaitė, Marijus Mažūnas, Paulius Kavoliūnas.


Wednesday, 26th August 2020

INSPIRATION #1  “The deadliest sins - envy"

Director - AugustasGornatkevičius, 

Scenography - Alisa Rūta Stravinskaitė,

Playwright - Dovilė Katiliūtė, 

Actors: Solveiga Reklaitytė, Donatas Mickūnas, Mantas Barvičius, Livija Krivickaitė, Jūratė Martinaitytė, Eimantas Antulis, Donatas Ališauskas.


Friday, 28th August 2020

INSPIRATION #1  “Most beautiful virtues - chastity"

Director - Greta Štiormer, 

Scenography - Patricija Vytytė,

Playwright - Dovilė Katiliūtė, 

Actors: Iveta Raulynaitytė, Aistė Alksnytė, Marijus Mažūnas, Livija Krivickaitė, Donatas Ališauskas.


Friday, 28th August 2020

INSPIRATION #1 “Most beautiful virtues - fondness"

Director - Augustas Gornatkevičius, 

Scenography - Viktorija Venskutė,

Playwright - Indrė Bručkutė, 

Actors: Gediminas Povilavičius, Paulius Kavoliūnas, Milda Naudžiūnaitė, Modesta Jakeliūnaitė, Samanta Pinaitytė, Justina Biekšaitė.


Friday, 28th August 2020

INSPIRATION #1  “The deadliest sins - diligence"

Director - Uršulė Bartoševičiūtė, 

Scenography - Alisa Rūta Stravinskaitė,

Playwright - Živilė Zablackaitė, 

Actors: Kristupas Biržietis, Jūratė Martinaitytė, Laura Butkutė, Mantas Barvičius, Karolina Kuzborska, Eimantas Antulis.


Saturday, 29th August 2020

INSPIRATION “Bertolt Brecht "Geras žmogus iš Sezuano"

Director - Paulius Pinigis, 

Scenography - Rūta Venskutė,

Playwright - Andrius Jevsejevas, 

Actors: Vaiva Kvedaravičiūtė, Simas Lunevičius, Rugilė Latvėnaitė, Elena Ozarinskaitė, Monika Poderytė, Kristina Švenčionytė, Monika Valkūnaitė, Mindaugas Ancevičius, Karolis Maiskis.

long #2

Saturday, 29th August 2020

INSPIRATION “Bertolt Brecht "Geras žmogus iš Sezuano"

Director - Kirilas Glušajevas, 

Scenography - Guoda Korsakaitė,

Playwright - Virginija Rimkaitė, 

Actors: Justina Burakaitė, Artūras Lepiochinas, Ieva Pakštytė, Donatas Stakėnas, Donatas Želvys, Asta Zacharovaitė, Sigita Pikturnaitė, Denisas Kolomyckis, Raminta Paukštytė.




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