August 25-29, 2020 Klaipeda, Lithuania.

We are inviting professional actors, theatre directors and scenographers to participate and fill in the application form.


The 8th  international festival Young Theatre Days aims to bring together actors, directors, stage designers, dramaturgist and critics in the non-traditional theatre space, giving them an opportunity to create together and establish contacts for further cooperation. The project involves creative workshops, the essence of which is the cooperation of young professionals from different creative fields in the limited time frame, preparing the performance and presenting it to the audience.


• Professional actors of all ages who have completed acting studies can participate in the workshops; 

• The workshops and the presentations of the created pieces will take place on 25-29th August 2020. In the selecting process the priority shall be given to those participants who will be able to participate in the programme for all 4 days;

• The organizers will provide free accommodation and catering. In addition, access to all events within the festival days will be given; 

• Registration of the participants will take place till 31st January 2020. In the application they will be requested to briefly describe their professional activity, motivation to participate in the projects, and to indicate on which days they can participate in the events of the festival;

• More information about the process of selecting the participants and the programme of the festival will soon be available on the website of “Young Theatre Days” and Facebook account facebook.com/JTDienos


The format of the workshop:

• There will be two different stages: SPRINT and PRO. 4 teams for each stage will be formed, consisting of 6 actors,
a theatre director, a dramaturgist and a stage designer. Each team will work separately during the workshops;
• The group of actors will be led by the directors who, will host the workshops;
• During the workshops the group leaders will alternate twice by rotation;
• The teams of SPRINT stage will get inspirations and will have to present the performance in the evenings of august 26th and 28th;
• The PRO stage will be working on a piece of novel, where every team will get a part of it. The performance will be presented after 4 days of work (on august 29th).
• The workshops and open previews of short plays will take place in the spaces near The Culture Factory and other public locations of the city;
• Every day the meetings with the viewers, the analyses of works and discussions will be held.

Covered costs:

• The organisers will provide free accommodation and catering.

Participation fee:

• The participants few for each participant is 29 Euros.


• The best performances from both stages will be selected and nominated with a financial prize.


Vienas iš festivalio metu sukurtų pasirodymų bus pasirinktas tolimesniam plėtojimui Klaipėdos jaunimo teatre. 2022 metais organizuojant pastatymą bus siekiama, kad jame dalyvautų kuo didesnė dalis festivalio metu prie šio pasirodymo dirbusių kūrėjų.
Vieno iš festivalio pasirodymų tapimas Klaipėdos jaunimo teatro repertuariniu spektakliu, įprasmins trijų dalių metinę festivalio „Jauno teatro dienos“ programą: edukacinę dalį – 2021 m. gegužės mėn. vykusias improvizacijos dirbtuves aktoriams; kūrybinę dalį - 2021 m. rugpjūtį vyksiančią pagrindinę programą ir dirbtuves teatro profesionalams; bei spektaklio statymo procesą 2022 m.