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Drama: “STORM”

Sunday, 7th April

A play „The Tempest“ directed by Povilas Makauskas is an experimental look at this last Shakespeare’s work as a surreal comedy, an allegorical, alchemical tale that connects spells, magic, mystical initiation, alchemical transformation, transformative wandering within ourselves and the origin of esoteric worldview.


This allegoric utopia will involve the viewer into such a powerful storm that will not only force you . back to Renaissance but also will induce to rethink your moral values, to return to the primordial natural nature of man and to try to grasp a less perceptible being in nowadays.


Director P.Makauskas: “This tale teaches many things. First of all, what’s for me as a young man is important - not to give up and not to get stuck in a certain plane. This tale reminds me of the importance of love is and how much transformative energy it contains, how she is needed in today’s world.


Povilas Makauskas – Director of Theatre, Graduated Theatre directing studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2016 year (The Course Leader - Gintaras Varnas). He debuted with play „Yolo“ at the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre in 2014 year. Later on, in 2015 year, under the tale of Oscar Wild he created a play “The Happy Prince” at this Theatre. At the Lithuanian State Youth Theatre „The Obsession“ under the novel „The Brothers Karamazovs“, F.Dostojevsky (2016 m.), at the LAMT Balkony Theatre „Disconnection“ (2017 year) and „The Pelikan“, A.Strindberg (2018 year), he had taken creative experience from Italy, Spain.

„The Tempest“ is the last work of W. Shakespeare (1564-1616) written in XVII century, a time when the society has already had a great disappointment of ideals of humanism and destruction of moral values. The play combines various magical events, tales and spells.


Director: Povilas Makauskas
Scenographer: Dominyka Kačonaitė
Composer: Gabija Gaigalaitė
Playwright: Virginija Rimkaitė
Light Artist: Julius Kuršis

Play: Donatas Stakėnas, Ieva Pakštytė, Asta Zacharovaitė, Simonas Lunevičius, Rugilė Latvėnaitė, Karolina Kontenytė
Duration: 1 h 40 min


Tuesday, 9th April & Thursday 11th April

Original performances of young professionals presented at “Young Theatre Days” theatre workshops have reached the level of theatrical etude and will become short plays in the festival this year. During the open previews of workshop pieces, the audience of Klaipeda will have a chance to meet promising artists, to look deeper into the original theme of the festival, as well as to get acquainted with the contemporary theatre in a non-conventional space.

The theme of “Young Theatre Days” workshops: creating theatrical pieces through unique means of inspiration. The texts, paintings and musical pieces selected especially for the festival will become the starting point for the theatre. During the previews of workshop pieces, the teams consisting of professional directors, actors, scenographers, and playwrights will deliver their short plays. Six separate performances can be watched as a series of plays as well as independent performances, so the viewers are free to join the previews as well as to leave them whenever they want.


Friday, 12th April

Cinema workshops are added to this year’s programme of “Young Theatre Days”. The previous festivals introduced some short films of young Lithuanian cinema directors, while this year they will be made during the festival. The makers of cinema will spend the whole week in Klaipeda and will seek inspiration in the works of Lithuanian authors – the texts, paintings, and music. The screenplays based on this inspiration will be turned into films with the cast of the participants of “Young Theatre Days” theatre workshops. The audience of “Young Theatre Days” cinema preview
will have a chance to see a spontaneous, youthful and original cinema production, as well as to be the first viewers of the unveiling of short films.

Closing act

Friday, 12th April

Music: Lukas Feser and 2YouKauke) | Bukowski bar | Free entrance

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