Birutė Kapustinskaitė

“A penguin comes to the café to buy a piece of cake. He stands in front of a glass with all the cakes behind it. He sees that there is one made from carrots and asks if there is one made of carrots, maybe there is one made from beetroots and starts laughing as if he has said a joke. Then the waiter says that actually there is and he asks “so maybe there is one made from pumpkin” and the waiter points to the one made from pumpkin. The penguin says “so maybe then there is a cake made from cabbage” and wants to burst out laughing, but when the waiter wants to answer, that actually there is, penguin waves with his short wing, saying “what a fuck, stop it, man” and leaves back to the North Pole.“

Virginija Rimkaitė

Virginija Rimkaitė - winner of the 2017 First Book competition, born in Vilnius, graduated from Klaipėda University with a Bachelor's degree in Lithuanian Philology and Directing and a Master of Theatrology. She is currently living in Klaipeda, studying photography.

Živilė Zablackaitė

Živilė: „If I could be any animal in the world, I would be a Japanese dragon. They are wise, beautiful and magical – that is the reason they can fly. If to be something more often seen, I would be a dog so I can spend days and play with my dog. Sometimes I envy her freedom to just play around with her dog friends.

Dovilė Katiliūtė

“If I was given an elephant that I cannot give away or sell, I would let him choose. If the elephant wants to stays with me he can stay. If not, I don’t mind. I’ll buy a meerkat.”

Matas Vildžius

"If you could be any animal in the world, I would be a Penguin. Penguin with
sombrero. Because it’s a bird with a tuxedo which will never fly.“

Titas Laucius

[Who woud win a fight between Spiderman and Batman] Titas: „If you take George Clooney Batman (with a nipple costume) from “Batman & Robin”, then I think, everyone would have a chance to win because that costume looks awfully uncomfortable. Spiderman would have an advantage if they would fight a city with skycrapers. If it’s Klaipėda, well I think, Batman has a boat… has it?“