Justina Burakaitė

“If I was given the elephant I would take the elephant to my grandmother’s place to a nice and cozy village where she lives. She would take a good care of him. Of course, I would visit him all the time. My grandmother would knit him a sweater, so that he wouldn’t get a cold in our chilly country. And he would love his new red sweater.”

Donatas Ališauskas

Aleksandra Matlingiewicz

Rugilė Latvėnaitė

''If I could be any animal in the World, I would be Fantastic Mister Fox, because he is

Kristina Švenčionytė

“If I could be any animal in the world, I would be a Flamingo. Why? Because it is elegant, crazy, loves shrimps, penguins and sleep.”

Somantas Duoplys

“If I could be any animal in the World, I prefer to be the black cat in the white dog company.”

Evelina Šimelionė

“Now my inspiration is my child. He shows me new things in the World.”

Gytis Šimelionis

Simas Lunevičius

Asta Zacharovaitė

Vaiva Kvedaravičiūtė

“Penguin with the sombrero walks through that door and says: “ Ola, chicos, let’s get crazy and move our hips for all penguins in the world who cannot walk through that door with the sombrero on their tiny head and say: “Ola, chicos,
let’s get crazy and move our hips for all penguins in the world who cannot walk through that door with the sombrero on their tiny head and say: “Ola , chicos,…” you get the idea. Why this penguin is here? Because he has something to say. Not all of us have the courage to go through that door wearing a sombrero and say something like that. Very brave penguin.”

Marija Žemaitytė

Artūras Lepiochinas

Ieva Pakštytė

“If you could be any animal in the world, I would be an eagle, because with my brothers and sisters I could sing Hotel California and nobody could judge us.”

Laima Akstinaitė

Kamilė Andriuškaitė

Donatas Želvys

Donatas Stakėnas

“Batman, would definitely would win against the Spiderman. Spiderman is too colorful in the night and easy to see. I don't really know the exact scenario of a murder, but it should
sound like ZAP! or BAM!”

Liudas Vyšniauskas

Paulina Simutytė

''If I was given an elephant which I couldn‘t return or give away, I would create a perfectly balanced house park with an indoor pool. Then travel to Thailand to find an elephant’s

Laurynas Jurgelis

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your application alone?] Laurynas: “I have a high-speed motorcycle. The highest speed reached: 250 km/h.”

Karolina Kontenytė

''I am mostly inspired by stories and people.“

Vita Malahova

I wanted to become a supermodel and live in New York. So I could live like in an American television soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful (in Latvian: Hameleonu rotaļas). I would marry Ridge from the Forrester family and I would have 2 golden rings on each finger and I would sit all day long in the big swimming pool and I would eat oranges (that I would never have to peel myself because I would have 2 helpers who would do that for me).

Pavel Golubev

Modesta Jakeliūnaitė

Karolis Maiskis

“If I could be any color in the crayon box, I would be color black, because they would use me to draw lines and I like lines.”

Justina Vanžodytė

Djordje Zivadinovic Grgur

“I am mostly inspired by People. Brave, clever and talented people. Progressive people. Also by talks with my friends and colleagues, nice weather, great roles and exciting arts. And free time! I'm so inpired in my free time... maybe that's why I have it so little.”

Anna-Leena Järvi 

“In a battle between Batman and Spiderman Batman would win with he's raspy dark voice. Because of he's dark superhero costume and cape he can also disguise himself better than Spiderman who is much easier to detect in a dark alley with he's bright red and
blue spandex outfit.”

Khawla Ibraheem

Kamilė Galkutė

Kamilė Petruškevičiūtė

“I would pick: sunflower – to smell, banana and corn – to taste, a flying bee – to listen, the warmth of the sun, a little chicken – to feel and touch.”

Augustė Pociūtė

Lea Beie

Eglė Špokaitė-Dapšienė

Greta Grinevičiūtė

“When you really really want to pee, and finally you reach that moment when you have a chance to do it - this feeling is yellow color. Or a feeling when you sneeze. Or the feeling of an orgasm.

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