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Gabrielė Labanauskaitė-Diena

Dramatist, author, lecturer at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Most prominent/notable plays of Labanauskaite are “Red shoelace”, “Žalgires“, librettos- “To the Lighthouse”, Honey, Moon”, and on (,etc.) Author is deeply interested in subjects regarding (reciprocal) comprehension, tolerance and identity, as well as urgent and important social matters.

Titas Laucius

Dramatist, who has obtained his dramaturgy degree at the LMTA, following master’s degree straight after. Laucius’s first short movie “Roommates” has been selected for the “FEST- New Directors, New Films” festival’s competitive programme, as well as his collaborative work with Saulius Baradinskas, a short movie script “Golden minutes”, has won one of the main prizes.

Lina Simutytė

Dramatist, script writer, prose-writer, who has obtained her film dramaturgy degree at the Lithuanian Academy of Music ans Theatre (LMTA). Lina is an active organizer and participant of many literary events, as well as eagerly working with film, theatre, radio projects and development/education.

Birutė Kapustinskaitė

Dramatist, screenwriter, script editor, working closely with projects regarding film and theatre, as well as teaching/lecturing script and creative writing. Admires dialogues. More than monologues. Author’s plays “Therapies”, “You never know”, and “Locals” are staged or being staged/directed/produced (at the moment) at Oskaras Koršunovas Vilnius City Theatre and Kaunas Drama Theatre. Dramatist has also written plays for two full-length films “People we know” and “Sasha was here”.

Teklė Kavtaradzė

Film and theatre dramatist, actively writing scripts for short and full-length films. Her plays “Stay-at-home”/”Homebody” and “A few conversations about (Christ)” have been staged at various Lithuanian theatres. Dramatist is also taking part in creative writing activities, as well as being one of “Heads & Hands scripthouse “ founders. Tekle is seeing creativity as a way of feeling, exploring, and most importantly- sharing and talking.

Virginija Rimkaitė

BA in Lithuanian philology and directing, as well as master’s degree in theatre and film studies at Klaipeda University. Her play “boiling temperature 5425” has become a winner of Lithuanian National Drama Theatre competition in 2016, furthermore, Rimkaite’s tale “21 a” has been awarded for the Kazimieras Bairenas literary prize in 2017.

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