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Action in second tent

At first the audience saw the action through see-through tent wall and there was a barrier between what was going on and the people when the audience entered the tent they were almost like trapped in an intimate dinner it was not very clear why the actoresses were walking around the table and stopping in particular poses it got clearer when they started exchanging phrases the smoke were just a simbolic action of preparing the action scene but it did not hold up there for long the scenographer was right outside it is not effective at all it was not very clear what the word DISAGREE on the back of the tailcoat supposed to mean it was not explained in any way the teniton of the sketch was highest when the atresses started talking in their mother tongues in the end the character with the tailcoat became a peacemaker and united everyone the dinner of the nations ended happily Happy End.


The accused in tent

No. 6 It was quite hard to see the action because of all the people that came to see the sketch the director could consider where the audience could stand that they would see the performance better especially when the walls of the tent are see-through the cross on the fround was a powerful symbol which represented the Bible where the witnesses swear to tell only the truth ideas of the group were really deep and powerful but not all of the main ideas were embodied and shown in the sketch in the beginning there was a good idea to talk about predeterminations about other people and about power of knowledge and willful ignorance but in the sketch it looked more like agressive feminism that is criticised in society of fighting against male gender as in the second tent here the tention and the secret who is the accused one was well held and revieled only when the apples got into audience‘s hands this element to incorporate the audience into the action decision was well used and accurately placed it is a pitty that the creative group had tons of deep ideas which did not shine through the act of the sketch.
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